Channel 31 Gwyneth's Head Comedy Benefit

HiFi Bar and Ballroom, Melbourne
23/6/00 8.30PM - 1.00AM

The compare for the night was Jodie J Hill, almost the first thing she did after she came out was slip over due to the baby powder she was spraying around to help her dance.

The bill was almost the same as advertised, except for the last minute pull out of Ethel Chop (which bought cheers from the audience) and the last minute addition of Will Anderson.

Was the same as usual, as was to be expected. He was still using the same material that he had written for the comedy festival (at least he didn't see me and do the same old 'Dr Who Convention' joke again!)

Having not seen him before except on TV, I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised by some of his material as he seems to at least written some new stuff. I liked him.

A very strange act, 'The Bush Family' as they call themselves come out in 'nude suits' singing and telling jokes, the funniest one had to be the 'tissue paper sculpture' that the mother found under the teenage son's bed, much to his embarrasment.

A two man singing/joke telling act, very well done. One of the highlights was from the ABC 1984 'Sing' songbook - it was 'Sing a Rainbow'.

They also sang 'She's a Psychopath' and the strangely popular 'Webmaster for the Antichrist'.

Was absaloutely hammered on VB's by the time he came on stage, therefore he kept repeating his jokes much to the crowd's amusement. He also took far too many cheap shots for my liking.

I got to talk to him afterwards (when he was chatting up FOUR women at once), and after giving me plaudits for my Goodies t-shirt, he said some interesting things regarding the Home and Away porno and Kate Langbroek's nude internet appearance.

A crowd favourite. He talks funny and went straight to a current issue in Melbourne that is relevant to a lot of people, the problem with herion addicts in the CBD.

He also had some of the funniest lines of the night, 'Labour should rename themselves to "Hey! We're not Liberals!"' 'The current tax system would have to be pretty bad to warrant something like the GST, I mean it would have to be causing zombies to rise from the dead and eat people's brains!'

Probably the best performance of the night, they ran late and the audience didn't even care, in fact I think some of them wanted Tripod to stay on longer.

They did all their usual songs, but it was great seeing them live and I would probably go to see them if they performed again in Melbourne.

Funniest Joke : A visual gag by Jodie J Hill in regard to roadies.
Best Current Events Comedian : Duff
The Anothy Morgan Memorial 'Most Pissed' award : Will Anderson
Strangest Act : Life, Get it up ya!
The 'Black Knight' "tis only a flesh wound" award : Jodie J Hill (ow!)


Created on ... December 30, 2006