The Goodies - Still Alive on Stage

The Arts Centre, Hammer Hall, Melbourne
Tuesday, 8th March 2005

I won't give anything away in the show for the people who haven't seen it, so I will just talk about some things related to it and my thoughts on the night.

This is the show I have most looked forward to seeing since Weird Al Yankovic in 2003. Luckily I bought the ticket in December as the first show sold out pretty quickly (there was literally only one ticket left on the night.) As it was a very special night, I dug out my show bag from the Kitten Kon convention and decided to year the Goodies t-shirt that Tim had signed for the first time ever (the other one I bought at the convention has been retired.)

Before the show I went to my usual restaurant with the roller door in the city. This time I found out what the menu item was that I have seen people eating that looked like a big fried thing - chicken steaks on rice (tasty!) As I haven't been there before, I went and checked out the 'Transport' bar in Federation Square and marvelled at the 130 different types of beer on display above the bar (out of 150). Try not to drink them all in one sitting unless you are Boonie.

There has been a big buzz leading up to these shows from many local comedians and apart from a few mean spirited individuals in the media, the coverage has been very positive. I did get to talk to Tim Brooke-Taylor's agent before the show who seemed to be a very nice woman. I forgot to ask her about what she thought of the media coverage (she was busy asking people where they bought their Goodies t-shirts.)

I haven't been to Hammer Hall at the Arts Centre before, but I thought it was great venue and the staff are very friendly. Say hello to Dee in the cloakroom if you go to a show there as she never gets to see any of the shows.

As I would have expected, the crowd was really excited before the show. Tracey in her excellent replica Union Jack waistcoat was bouncing up and down in her seat. I would have said hello, but I doubt she would have remembered me as I hadn't seen her since Kitten Kon in 2000.

From what I have heard them say when interviews, the show was pretty much what I expected as the members of the Goodies have said that if they were to do a show now it would not be like the original TV series as they are too old for that sort of thing.

Even though I do know quite a bit about the Goodies, I did learn some new things about them during the show (it was mainly a Q&A style with them answering questions they have received.) The skits they did do were very good, including the radio sketch with Bill doing all the sound effects.

There's not much more I can really say about the show without giving too much away, but it was a great night and I am really glad to have gone now. On the recommendation of Tim's agent, I picked up the program for the show as it looked really good.

I know they will probably not do this sort of thing again. I am definitely going to buy their new DVD and hope that more of their shows come out so I can collect the whole 10 series of their shows.


Created on ... December 30, 2006