Espy Comedy Gold (27/01/2002)

12:01 29/01/02


The Cheese Brothers were the MCs for the afternoon's festivities and were
excellent. I fled my seat in the first row when they started interrogating
everyone (the questioning was a bit too personal.)

I liked how they had such different personalities 
that seemed to work so well together on stage.

Paul Cheese was the straight man, had a comb-over and was
a bit emotional at times. Dave Cheese seemed to be a bit world weary,
was more agressive, which is probably why he said the following:
"When you go home today, right everyone you know and tell them to get fucked!"

Here's what I remember from the show:
(I forgot some of it as I went to Fred & Steve's Karaoke afterwards.)

Marcus from Wonthaggi (a small town on the coast 150km south-east of Melbourne.)
A pretty good start to the show even if he was a bit nervous. Will be good
to see in the future.

Sasha had an execllent story on her revenge plot against the man who scared her
into moving house after he threatened her with a plastic cricket bat. The story
routine could get old over time though.

Gerald McColough was very confident, but I don't remember much about his routine.
Played the piano also.

The Fake McKoys were excellent and sang about mobile phones & tofu. 
Piss funny 'Whinnie the Diabetic Pooh' joke (you had to be there), Colonel Sanders
'NAM flashbacks and the Irish pub gag.

Janet A Mcleod was really good, which is not saying much as I have the hots for her.
She was wearing her usual goth gear also. Pretty much the same material as she
usually does (about living in St Kilda.)
(I saw her later doing a trivia night at the LOCAL pub for LOCAL people.)

Some bloke who's name I can't remember (he had blonde hair, a dimpled chin and
was wearing a tight white t-shirt) did some really funny stuff about 
driving Volvos, the Optus Prepaid Mobile Announcer and women's orgasms
(which produced howls of laughter from the women in the audience). Another highlight
of his act was this line:
"Soon my pet, soon. The master will find the magic eel a furry cave to sleep in."

Greg Fleet was the headliner act for the day. Even though he seemed to do a lot
of older material it was good to finally see him live. What was really strange
was that he kept saying stupid stuff out of context, such as having a conversation
with the candleabra:
"How does he do it Mr Candleabra? How does he do it?"

The Cheese Brothers also did songs in between each comic that were really funny.
I reckon the best one of these was 'What kind of fool am I', which Paul got upset singing
so Dave told him to sing it as Jerry Seinfeld to cheer himself up.

Thanks. I'm sorry that this report is a bit brief, but it was 12.50AM on Monday morning
when I wrote it.

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