Espy Comedy Gold (13/05/2001)

12:03 14/05/01

Dave O'Neil was the MC for this gig and he immediately starting picking on me
(as it gave him the opportunity to use old material. I gave him a biscuit though
and he talked to me throughout his parts of the show.

The first bloke (whose name I forget), was pretty good and spoke of his
jobs at the newsagent and Ticketmaster. Although the crowd was small
(due to it being Mother's Day), he got a fair few laughs.

Don Donbue was next, a backpacker from Canada. While there were some
funny moments in his act, it seemed to be a bit hit and miss at times.

Damian Clark came out wearing a hat, and for good reason as his hair
was all over the place. He seemed very confident and his performance
reflected this.

Someone I'd been wanting to see for a while, Milton White, put in a fine
effort with a couple of improvised jokes that were a crack up. 
(A topical joke about Big Brother and the line "Your're not a natural blonde?
Me neither. What are the chances?" (you had to be there.))

As I'd seen her before during the St Kilda Festival 
(a tough crowd as she performed after Chris Franklin), I was looking
forward to see Kyria. What really impressed me was that she seems to have
gained more confidence (unless the whole pacing and heaving breathing
thing is part of her act). She also seems to have got her first 'hook'
to get people talking about her act. I reckon if she keeps it up, Kyria
will be very popular in a couple of years.

Stephen Hall was one of the better performers that I saw in this show.
If I had to describe him, I'd say he was like Peter Helliar, but funnier.
His celebrity impersinations were piss-funny. (Dave O'Neil's were piss-weak,
but he did that on purpose.)

The last act was Brian Munich & Friends, a combination of singing and gags.
The first joke led to Brian's off-sider falling over a chair as he had his
eyes closed and was pretending to be a bat (I thought he'd hurt himself.)

Equally strange, was the 'Music Man' (who was warmly received by the other
comedians watching in the audience.) The group went on to perform
some more songs and do Cornellia Frances impressions (which not many
people got). They were a great headline act to top off a pretty good line

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