Espy Comedy Gold - 7/4/02

9:20 PM 7/04/02

I was really looking forward to going this week as Kim Hope and
Adam Richard were hosting. It's been a year since I saw Kim in
a show and she's just as bright and bouncy on stage as ever. Her
hair looks even better light and wavy also.

One of the better comedians on that day was Matt Elsbury who
ranted about Brittans Spears and other abominations against music
(he has a show on during the festival also.) There were also
some good routines by some of the other acts including:
rants about George Bush Jr ("AL GORE WON!") and Steve Irwin being
the 'biggest dickhead' if the Guiness Book of Records had that section.

It was a great show and I am probably going to see Kim & Adam's show
on Tuesday as I enjoyed seeing them so much.


Created on ... December 30, 2006