The Epic of Antworth - Part K

starring: James T. Kirk, The Keiser, King Kong, KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN & Kinky Friedman (no Kibo as I couldn't afford the appearance fee)

One day at the kabuki James T. Kirk and the Keiser were discussing the Kafkaesque nature of the universe while watching the kaleidoscopic lightshow. Then suddenly there was a katzenjammer and King Kong started stomping around with KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN and Kinky Friedman in his kayak.

"KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN you stupid KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT," yelled Kirk "I'll give you a kick in the keester if you don't stop that kentuckian carnage!"
"Oh don't get your kerchiefs in a knot," replied KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN "I was meerly listening for the kerplunk in my khakis when this big ape started jumping around."

Kinky Friedman decided to put the kibosh on their argument and offered them all kielbasa to settle the score. "Stop wasting kilowatts yabbering," Kinky quipped "I need them to dry my kilt for use in my kinesthetic exercises."
"Thank you very much!" he added.
"YOU'RE WELCOME KINKY!" they all replied.
"Thank you very much!"
"Thank you very much!"

This kinkiness when on for weeks until finally the kirkmen interviened and carried James T. Kirk off, thinking he was a long lost brother. They were also kleptomaniacs so it didn't matter if he wasn't. Luckily one of them was a klutz so it was easy for The Kieser to follow.

He gave them a kneecapping that made their knickerbockers sore and rescued Kirk just in time for knockwurst, even though he was a bit of a knucklehead.

Then they went shopping kolinskies and had to kowtow to the kremlinologist who was shopping for krill, but they thought the better of it as he was such a kvetch and they went the knuckle instead.

As they were travelling overseas they had to change all their money to the kwacha and the kyat and take a kymograph just to be sure. The kynurenic therapy was most invigorating also, The Keiser knew what it was, but decided not to tell James T. Kirk as he thought it was funny that he made him drink dog pee. Then they went and listened to the kyrie in the church, which had nothing to do with the pop singer and her famous bottom.