The Epic of Antworth - Part J

starring: Jerusalem Artichoke, Jesus, Jabber Jaws, Angellina Jolie

Jerusalem Artichoke, Jesus, Jabber Jaws were having a night on the jungle juice when Artichoke jabbered "look over there! Isn't that Angellina Jolie?"
"Quit your jabberwocky," Jesus replied, "it's just a jab jab taking his jackanapes for a walk" then he put on his jackboots and kicked Jabber Jaws into the jacuzzi where a jaundiced Angellina Jolie was have a rest after a hard day of pouting.

She offered him a jawbreaker while talking about Jehu and asked him why he is in such a jerkwater such as this. Not wanting to be a jib he told him he was being fitted for a new jibba and that his jim-jams where at the cleaners. Then they took a moonlight ride on jinrikisha around the park.

Later they went to the nightclub where they jitterbugged with much jocularity giving them joie de vivre as they laughed at the jolie laide who sold flowers on the street outside. Angellina is such josher, thought Jabber Jaws. Jumpin' Jehosaphat! is that the time, better get home before my jowls droop.

So off he went on his juggernaut which he had to defend from carjackers with ju-jitsu as they wanted to take it on a junket and be juvenile which juxtaposed with his more mature state, having spent a night with Angellina Jolie he was entitled to be judgemental.