The Epic of Antworth - Part I

starring: Eddie Izzard & I.P. Freeley

Eddie Izzard and I.P. Freeley where discussing the iamb while under the effects iatrogenic admisintered to them by the iberian when an ichthyosaur ate the ichthyologist who was doing field research nearby. "This calls for an ideograph," inferred Eddie Izzard "beware of ichthyosaurs, now how do you draw that."

Just then they were set on by a group of idolaters who worshipped the igloo built by the imaginary Illinoisan who spoke in iambic pentameter.
"Wow! Those ice blocks really imbricate" shouted I.P. Freeley, but he was ignored by Mr Izzard.

They were saved by the immix of immunological isotopes flowing in by an Ibis who knew the impeccability of his timing and also called them idiots for their impertinence when they didn't thank him, leading to impoverishment and the inalienability of the fact that he was an ibis.

That night the two got incapacitated on Tequilla, even drinking the inchworm, waking with a hangover the indescribabilities could not substitute for their indolence.

The inexpressibilities of the situation led to them to ingeniously insoul the igloo to intercede and hack pieces of itself to give them more ice for their drinks.

Just then they were interrupted by an internuncio carrying an important message from the Pope. "Quick, let's hold him down and give him iridectomies" shouted Izzard, but he was interrupted by the crashing ironclad into the isthmi they were standing on. He soon forgot about it when the pilot of it presented him with a ixia and bought ixtles for everyone to eat.