The Epic of Antworth - Part H

Henry Winkler, Humphrey B Bear*, Hugh Jackman, Horward the Duck, Helen Hunt * - no dialog for this character as he doesn't talk

"Hey Helen Hunt!" harranged Hugh Jackman "Want to do the habanera while looking through haberdasheries, discussing the hadj and being all hallucinational?"

"Sure!" she replied.

"I am amazed at the haphazardness of this story," complained Henry Winkler, "who am I going to get to share my hasenpfeffer cooked in the hebraism fashion and served heliocentrically on my solar system dining table?"

Just then Howard the Duck and Humphrey B Bear walked into the room carrying a hellebores and Howard shouted out "Wanna hear about the hemorrhoidectomies I have been giving while whacked out on hepatic and starring at hexahedrons?"

"I'll pass thanks," Henry replied.

"HEY! Aren't you FONZIE? AY!!!!!!!! SIT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Howard the Duck

"No really, I'm just the TV producer and I also like to take hexylresorcinol, but I am also have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, so please don't talk about homeomorphous while we are travelling on hovercraft eating a hundredweight of hummus."

Just then a hydrofoil cut accross their path and Humphrey B Bear who was listening to the hydrophone acted hypercritically and had them hysterics saving the day!

Created on ... January 13, 2005