The Epic of Antworth - Part G

Enign Greenbean & Geraldo

Geraldo was wearing his gabardine one day living the gadabout lifestyle when he shouted "Gadzooks! Look at all those Gaels over there wearing such pretty kilts, I'll think I'll go chat them up."

Just when he was about to charge into the gallimaufries, Enisgn Greenbean stopped him. "They're not GIRLS, they're GAELS meaning Scottish Highlanders. If you try to chat them up they will give you a gastrectomy and mess up your genitourinary making you wish your geniture never occured!"

To which Geraldo replied: "OK I will take most geodesic way from this glooming and eat gorgonzola while becoming graecized in my study of graphological griddlecake while eating a gweduc with a big gyrus and chaining my gyve."

"Oh go stick your head in Al Capone's vault!" Ensign Greenbean gibbered.

Created on ... January 13, 2005