The Epic of Antworth - Part D

David Bowie, Dennis Leary, Demi Moore

David Bowie and Dennis Learly were sitting in the local dive watching Demi Moore dance when Dennis complained "All I did was send the department secretary a daguerreotype of a dachshund which she didn't like because of the domain name. What kind of dandification and dastardliness is this?"

"You've been drinking too much you need a decelerator of your dealcoholization which should also lead to deflorescence you spotty prat. Consider that before you accuse everyone of demasculinization" replied David.

On his way home David pondered the demythologisation of the denuclearised Deutschland and the deportability of the deranged.

That knight he had a strange dream where he was involved in dermabrasion intended to desilver a patient on a ship. Upon disembarkation he protested for the disestablishmentarianism of everything.

He also witnessed a distasteful dismemberment at the demonstration that was turned into a docudrama on domesticity.

The dotards also practiced doxology and where dragooned into sailing on the dreadnought, while David Bowie played with a dreidel on a dromedary in a dudgeon calling them all dunderheads.

Just then he woke up and decided that it would make a dynamite song about dystrophic dyslexia and he had to write it down straight away. It beat his previous method of throwing words up into the air and seeing how they landed anyway.

Created on ... January 13, 2005