The Epic of Antworth - Part B

Kate Bush, Bruce Boxleitner, Bozo the Clown and Kevin Popular Pork Product

"Baa! Baal! Babushka, babushka, babushka, blah, blah, blah!" bellowed Kate Bush.
"Be quiet and eat your bacon!" berated Bruce Boxleitner "I'm trying to remember my lines for the Tron reunion special."

Bruce then heard a knock at the door and opened it to find Kevin Popular Pork Product and Bozo the Clown playing a balalaika, ballyhooing, protesting barbarisation and holding a baronage.

He slammed the door in their faces and scaled the wall to the bartizan to play the warning bassoon, sending Kate Bush out with the bastinado and a bateaux to scare them off.

While out in her bateaux, Kate found a batfish bedevilled by bees which she removed and released it to the benthos.

"Oh Blast!" cried Bruce, "Tron has been replaced by a betatron which you can place betweenbrain." "Oh well" he sighed, "I suppose I'll always have my bhakti and collection bibelots to keep me amused."

When she wasn't practising her singing, Kate Bush liked to study the biopsychology of the blitzkrieg, trying to ignore Bruce being a blunderbuss while he chewed his way through his dried bocaccio.

Seeing as the betaron had bollixed his reunion for Tron, Bruce joined the other Bolsheviks saying bonjour to tourists as a major boondoggle.

In the boskages eating bouillabaisse, Bozo the clown plotted revenge for having the door slammed in his face by Bruce.

"HA! HA! I'll give him a brachycephalic with my braunschweiger which will leave him brazed the brigand!"

Bozo set off with his bro, carrying extra supplies of bronchodilator and also met with a buccaneer and buckaroos to help him carry out his evil plan.

Unknown to him Kevin Popular Pork Product had heard his plan and with the help of Kate Bush they planned to put a stop to the buffoonery of the bucktoothed bucko with bufotoxin.

Unfortunately due to the bugaboos and bumptiousness of Kevin and the bureaucratisation which prevented them obtaining the bufotoxin, they had to be burglarious to get it.

They managed to eventually stop Bozo and the buckaroos with butyls. Kate Bush thought this success called a song "HEATHCLIFF!..." "Bwana! I'm going to Byelorussia!" said Bruce Boxleitner bolting out the door.

Created on ... January 13, 2005