The Epic of Antworth - Part A

Anson Williams (Potsie), Abraxas, Desi Arnaz Jr. and SPOT who is not ALLOWED

Once upon a time Anson Williams was playing with his aardwolf on the street when an ab came up beat him up with the crate of abaci he was carrying.

ARRR! That's for not going abaft when I told you to on the cruise!

Anson cried and ran to tell Abraxas who then helped him build an abatis and so was the abator of that dispute.

The passing Abbot heard the commotion but decided not to get involved as it was not in his abbacies, however the Abbess agreed to help.

When the ab charged the abatis he was left abatic which upset Anson again as the ab was really an abecedarian who was learning to count using the abaci. The government then passed abeyances to set aside the forest and stop people building abatis from abiotic materials as all the arbour was being cut down.

Luckily for the ab the damage was not too serious so he didn't need an ablation, but he did decide to abnegate beating up people with abaci.

After a hard day governing Minnesota Abraxas aboiled some abalone for dinner.

Abracadabra! yelled Anson as he practised his magic tricks bought from the money he had saved from not participating in the ABSCAM a few years earlier.

As the cheese was mouldy, Abraxas decided to perform an abscission of the mouldy part so Anson wouldn't notice and complain about it and make him buy a new one as they were living abstemiously in the Appalachians.

Abstrusely Abraxas then felt guilty for the absurdum of cutting the cheese on poor little Anson and bough him an Abyssinian and a acanthuses.

Abraxas acceded the cheese incident to his long time friend Desi Arnaz Jr as the music on his phonograph played an accelerando in the background as the song was about acclivitous terrain while carrying loads of accoutrement.

Desi Arnaz Jr described his accretionary surgery on his mouth to keep it hanging open and acculturative effects of hanging out with Automan and his accusatrix buddies while chewing acerola all the while.

He told how he was prescribed acetaldehyde, acetaminophen, acetanilide and acetylcholine to help with his recovery from his surgery.

Just then Anson came out with his tray of achenes, achordate and acidophilus made from a recipe from his ACLU magazine that he thought was the acme of appetizers.

Anson then acquiesced and told them both of his acromegaly which gave him acrophobia while in Athens viewing the acropolises.

They were both relieved to discover that his actomyosin had recovered and he had regained his previous acuity, acumen and adamantine nature.

After going outside to pat look at Abraxas' addax, they engaged in adenoidal singing had a cup of steaming beverage heated adiabatically and bid Desi Arnaz Jr adieux.

Before going of to bed Abraxas admixt little Anson his akvavit and adumbrated his plans for the new adz, while Anson made Abraxas promise never to buy a cat because of his ailurophobia.

As Abraxas tucked little Anson into bed he told an Aesopian tale of the affixion of the aflatoxin to the afrit and how he managed to beat it and grant three wishes.

In his dream little Anson dreamt he had an afro while eating agueweed which caused him to act aguishly and grow aigrets from his head. He also met a large albacores who was speaking Algonquian and playing an alphorn. They were closely followed by amputees drinking amreeta promoting antidisestablishmentarianism and apers weapons.

The next day he was walking down the street pondering an apothem with archiepiscopal tendances when a auburn headed beauty persuaded him to enter her armoire. While he was there she got changed and asked "Are you looking at my areole?"
"No" Anson answered blushingly.
"Why not, what's wrong with them?" She replied.

Suddenly an asphyxiant filled the room and they both passed out. When he awoke, Anson had an assegai in his hand given to him by his assignor who told him he would be atomized if he didn't do what he was told. He was atremble at the thought as he ambled through the atria Augustinians atwitter.

His auricular was stuffed with auxin as he approached the aviatrix he had been told to stab in the axil. Just then Abraxas burst in to stop him and told him that he had beat up the assignor and the auburn beauty was waiting for him at home.

Anson was so grateful to Abraxas that he gave him an axolotl and a medal containing azido azoth, azurite.

Created on ... January 13, 2005