What's it all about?

About Me

I was born on November 15th 1976 in the West Gippsland Hospital near Warragul. Growing up I lived in Drouin with my parents, older brother and younger sister.

I went to primary & secondary school in Drouin and still keep in touch with one of my friends from then who is living in Melbourne also.

After predicting that I would go there at age 12, I attended Monash University for four years and completed a Bachelor of Computing in 1998.

Two years later after a couple of false starts, I began working as a programmer/webmaster for a small company called Human Edge Software in Melbourne where I am working today.

If you want to know more about my professional skills, my resume is now online.

About this site

The title of this site is about where I live in Melbourne. When I first moved into my own flat I got so desperate for visitors that I let the Mormons in at one stage. I still don't get many visitors apart from my Dad occasionally so from now on if you visit this site it counts as a visit to my flat.

The content of this site follows what I have done since living in Melbourne. My Hong Kong Movie Reviews page began when I first moved to Melbourne and saw no movies except those at Chinatown Cinema in the city (it was my big night out each week.)

My writing and archive pages are my chance to show some of my writing to visitors. I do have a more complete archive, but I don't want to show it to everyone as it has some more private themed work in it.

The Tomorrow Series has not been added to for a while, mainly because I thought the series of books by John Marsden was finished. This is actually the oldest part of my site as I first set it up in 1998.

Recently I have been taking a camera (normal and digital) to some of the bands I like to go see as I like to take their photos and give them a copy.

Some of my favourite work on this site has been the creation of the two fan sites for Melbourne bands GIT and the Twits that I go to see regularly. These were both created after I had been going to see these bands for a long time and had got to know them well and wanted to give them something in return for all the entertainment they provided. If I could find a way to make money out of it, I would like to make sites for bands full time.

Sites I have worked on

I have worked on the following sites in a professional capacity in the past:
Michael Crane and Trish Anderson
Paradise Anthology
Human Edge Software (since updated)
Australian Human Resources Institute
AHRI HR Practises Day
AHRI Convention event website
AHRI HR Awards
HR Week event site
Victorian Essential Learning Standards

If you have any comments, please email me at: webmaster@timchuma.com