Tim's Best Of 2003 - Weird Al

23:34 9/10/2003

"Weird Al" Yankovic
The Palais, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

"I've always wanted to play a really old theatre next to a creepy amusement park!"

As they only said "no cameras" and "dress appropriately" I decided to take along my HULK HANDS as they protect my hands during long periods of clapping and make a great sound when you clap with them. I think I weirded-out Al when he was in the audience in front of me during a song as he gave me a strange look (he had plenty to share anyway.)

Also, sucks-to-you "serious" music type people who think you are too cool for Weird-Al as you missed a great night! I think the Hong Kong classic movie screening would have been empty this week as I saw all the people who usually go to it there.

I'd also like to mention that one of the ushers at the Palais has a really cool afro. He also helped with a seat mix-up - it worked out for the best anyway as I ended up only 3 metres from the stage.

The merchandise stand was 10 people deep and had the usual stuff you would expect from such a stand. I would have spent more if there was more stuff to buy.

The support act was surprising as I didn't think there would be one. A local stand up comic called Bev told some really bad jokes which stopped the crowd from getting too annoyed when they announced a 20 minute intermission straight after her.

An excellent feature of the night was "AL TV" that played during costume changes and intros to songs. It was a mix of many bad TV shows, Al's many appearances in the media and "interviews" from his TV show that were really funny.

Al and band mainly played songs off his last two albums and some of his more popular songs from previous years. I hadn't heard some of the songs in the set also which was good as I get to go back and find the CDs they were originally on.

During one song Al actually came down into the audience and sat in the lap of the woman in the seat in front of me. She was lucky as she got a scarf, a woman a couple of rows back got a pair of Y-fronts thrown in her face straight from his pants.

I was surprised at the number of costume changes for his "classic" songs as almost every new song needed one (they would be pretty good at it now due to all their touring in the US.) Probably the best costume was Al's fat-suit for FAT as it even had the scarily realistic face mask.

What many people probably don't notice about Weird Al's songs is that he doesn't do it all by himself, his band are great also and got into the spirit with costume changes of their own. It was good to see the bass and the guitar player are doing a gig in a local pub (The Espy), I didn't catch the date though.

The encore was an all Star Wars affair with Al coming back to sing The Saga Begins and YODA. At one point during the second song he got the audience to sing the chorus, then started a weird chant with the band that went for about five minutes. They finished to a standing ovation and many happy people left the building.

On the way out someone started yelling out for Paul and then everyone else started doing it as they wanted to be silly. You can tell when people have had a really good time when they do that as it was so spontaneous.