Tim's Best Of 2003 - RRR Melbourne BBQ Day

20:49 7/12/2003

Barbequein' (Aloi Head and the Victor Motors)

Feels like Summer
Must be the season
Barbeque season
Mighty, mighty pleasin'
It's a cause for celebration
The comin' of the sun
All hail the barby
Howzabout a coleslaw, Mum?
All hail the sausage
And all hail the chop
And the party-ice
From the bottle shop
Let's barbeque
In the streets, in the parks
And be damned the neighbour
Who phones the narcs
We're barbequein'
The 10 commandments
God has changed to 2
Ye shall B.Y.O.
Ye shall B.B.Q.
On the beaches
In ya back yards
Barbeque fair
Barbeque hard
We're barbequein'

After National BBQ Day was moved to the start of September and up to Sydney, RRR FM radio host Johnny Von Goes decided to hold his own day in the first week of December and call it "Melbourne BBQ Day".

You couldn't have picked a better day weather wise, but I was still surprised when I turned up just after 12pm to find almost no-one up at the rooftop cafe above RRR. As it was a special occasion, the three Sunday afternoon shows: Eat It (food & wine), The Spin (PR) and JVG Radio Method where doing live outside broadcasts for the day.

The BBQs for the day were a small kettle BBQ that cooked the (still husked) corn, Angus Sampson's "Barbisarus" and the famous "Woobeque" belonging to Julian Woo. It had unfortunately lost its legs, but was resting comfortably in a pot full of soil ready to cook a feast including "beer can chicken" and lots of lamb ribs.

Eat It was devoted (not surprisingly) to BBQ recipes and complimentary topics such as what wine to have with various BBQ delicacies. As I don't usually listen to this show (Landline is on at the same time) it was interesting to follow the show today.

The Spin started with a dig at the outgoing leader of the Democrats who had gotten into trouble a couple of days ago for pushing a Liberal senator in the chamber over a dispute involving some bottles of wine he nicked from a BBQ (coincidentally.)

They also awarded two of the "people's choice" awards for 2003 in PR including "Media Slut of the year" (the person who had got their head on TV the most for no reason) - it was won by Paris Hilton (no surprise there) and Worst Ad of the year - won by the Toohey's "tongue" ad as it made the nominator hate Toohey's products (the beers of choice for the day where Cascade and VB.)

In the "they are going to be sued" category of comments was Boydy's remark that compared Eddie Maguire to John Wren (famous crook from the 30's in Melbourne) and speculated that he was behind Mark Latham's (the man who made the "arselicker" comment about the current PM) endorsement for Labour leader.

"ALL HAIL THE BBQ!" was the first thing Johnny Von Goes said on his show as he was really enthusiastic about the day. Keeping with the theme of the day, all the songs he played (including the live performances) mentioned BBQs or something to do with them.

There were many special guests (some who I have forgotten) including: Fred Negro, Dan Warner (who did a BBQ poem), Ian "Huey" Hewitson, Dr Pump from Baldhead Radio, Mick Thomas (reading another poem that was meant to be a song), the Large No. 12's and Barb Waters (who sang and played guitar on a couple of the songs.)

One highlight of the day was JVG performing a "commitment" ceremony with Angus Sampson and his partner for their ownership of "Barbisarus" which ended with spraying "God's own marinade" (beer, what else?) over the top of the BBQ and lots of flame coming out.

The best part of the day (apart from the BBQ) were the songs composed just for the day that were performed from 3pm onwards. I don't remember all of them, but some were original compositions and others were based on popular songs including "Always take the Webber with you" (written for Julian Woo) and "Let me take you to a Gay BBQ". I reckon there would be people interested in these songs if they were to do a CD, but I think some of them were only meant to be one off things.

I also bought a CD - Aloi (sic.) Head and the Victor Motors (featuring JVG). This also resulted in me winning a GPB (a pub I go to) prize pack as Johnny couldn't be bothered actually picking the winners for a contest relating to BBQ day and decided just to give the two prize packs to people who have bought his CD. (I'm sure he's only got a couple of hundred left at home.)

A big thanks to everyone involved on the day as it was great! Also thanks very much to Tracee Hutchinson (station manager) who wisely passed out sunscreen and stopped me from getting too sunburnt. I would also like to thank the woman on the drinks counter who kept putting ice in my drink (it was really hot outside.)

Next year will see the return of National BBQ to it's proper date and RRR will be broadcasting from a new home so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I am already marking the date on my calendar (first Sunday in December - 5th December 2004, it's a leap year.)