Tim's Best Of 2003

It's been a busy year even by my standards, but I will try to compile a list of the best gigs/movies/events I have been to this year around Melbourne.

Best Gigs

In no particular order, here are the best gigs I went to for the year:

Hayseed Dixie - Esplanade Hotel
Weird Al Yankovic - Palais
Prayerbabies & South of the River Community Choir - Greyhound Hotel
GIT & Red Hot Poker Dots residencies (I was seeing both of them on the same day at one stage.)

Best CDs

Flowers - GIT.
A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC - Hayseed Dixie

Best Movies

Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kops (MIFF 2003)
Infernal Affairs (MIFF 2003)

Best Events

Melbourne BBQ Day
Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup
Johnny Cash Tribute
Jackson St Festival

Best Books

The Crackerjack Western book that I bought for my dad for Christmas.
VideoHound's Dragon Asian Action & Cult Flicks (my old site was listed in it.)

Best Novelty Toy


If you have a different opinion of what were the best gigs/movies/events/etc for the year, please contact me.