Tim's Best of 2003 - Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2003

Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 22nd June 2003

As I had such a good time last year I bowled up at the Junction Oval at 12.30pm today to hear Roadhouse playing on the sidelines and the under 10s playing on the ground. It was supposed to be cold and raining, but it turned out fine even if it was a bit cold out of the sun.

The funniest thing I heard was the drummer doing a drum roll when the kids where playing the ball and hitting the high-hat when a mark was taken (you had to be there.) Later on I bought lunch and watched the under 11s play.

The all-girl group the Spazzys started to play, but were told to stop as no one was watching the kids game on the ground. When they eventually got to play I thought they were very good. The highlight of their set was when one of them broke a string and they had a roadie try and fix it while she was still playing. Three young girls also had a go at singing until they got too embarrassed from everyone watching them.

Before the game started I went and bought a Sacred Heart Mission t-shirt to break a note. I ended on putting it on over my other t-shirt so I wouldn't have to carry it around all day.

The main match of the day was the Rockdogs (musicians & pub staff) verus the Megahertz (RRR & PBS radio station staff). Special guests where KISS as field umpires (or at least people with KISS makeup.)

Special mention must go to the 20 metre "girl only zone" as well as the usual 50 meters. The Spazzys dominated this zone during play. There was also a lot of "girl on girl action" as the commentators Tony Biggs, Leapin' Larry L and Francis Leach put it.

The Megahertz seemed to play a lot better this year as the Rockdogs would have all been working last night and hungover. It also helped they had Glenn Manton from the Carlton Football Club as coach.

As usual there was an all-in brawl at the end of the first quarter. It was really just in fun though. There was no streaker today, but there were plenty of dogs on the ground to make up for it which is always entertaining.

The Cassanovas rocked on at half time and some people thought out loud that they should be the half time entertainment at this years AFL Grand Final.

After the game there was the usual presentation of the trophy, speeches by Jason Evo Evans and the acting CEO of the Sacred Heart Mission. As it was getting dark they got the auction going with the two game balls going for $150. The biggest item was Jason McCartney's game jumper which ended up going for $1150.

I had an even better time this year as there were a lot more people I knew there, partly because it was in St Kilda and also that I now more people in the Melbourne pub music scene

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