Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2002

Sunday, 23rd June 2002
Punt Rd Oval, Richmond

I've been meaning to go to this for a few years now, but I always ended up doing something else on the day.

This year I decided to go check it out to support the Rockdogs (musicians and pub staff) versus the Megahertz (RRR & PBS FM staff.)

Entertainment prior to the game included watching all the dogs running around on the ground and bowling over the kids and also the Clip Clop Club.

I went and got something for lunch just as the Dilli Allstars were starting (they were really good.)

The first minute of the match saw an all-in-brawl that wasn't coreagraphed at all honest. The Rockdogs were the leaders for the first half.

Rocket Science played during half time and were excellent. The highlight of the second half was when Ox the wrestler and Johnny Von Goes from RRR FM tackled the male streaker and dragged him along the grass on his arse.

Rockdogs never looked threatened and won easily - much to the enjoyment of the dogs which started barking all at once.

It was a really good day even if it was a pretty cold day - I'll defenitely going next year.


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